Return Policy

Return Policy

Meeme Mall Online orders can be returned when you contact with customer service at [email protected] and received the return shipping label (following the return procedures described below). Products must be mailed back within 30 days of purchase or within 7 days of receiving the shipping label under these conditions:

  • If customers are allergic to the product and wish to return it (please provide a note from doctor when contacting our customer service.)
  • If customers have not opened the product and the product remains sealed
  • If the wrong items are shipped
  • If the product is damaged or impaired on arrival
*We do not do any exchanges by mail.


Return Procedures

1.    Please contact our customer service and provide us with your order number, picture of the product, quantity, and the reason for the returning. Once your request is accepted,  the return label will be emailed to you within 3-5 business days.


2.    Package your return item in the manufacturer’s original product box and Meeme Mall packaging (if available). If not, pack the return in a well-padded envelope or box to prevent damage in transit.


3.    Print the return label received in email and mail your return via UPS Service. You will receive an email confirmation when your return is processed.


Returning address:

Meeme Mall


1737 Post St
Suite 385
San Francisco, CA 94121

Customer service: [email protected]

Please note: Meeme Mall monitors all activities of returns and exchanges due to  possible abuses of our policies. Therefore, we reserve the final rights to all services.